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Our staff with a patient

Passionately Honoring the Human-Horse Bond

Advanced Care for Every Horse: Services at Woodside Equine Clinic

Our Clinic

At Woodside Equine Clinic, we're driven by a simple, yet meaningful mission: to passionately honor the human-horse bond. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where advanced medicine enhances the lives of horses and those who care for them.

Our Beginnings

Woodside Equine Clinic, Inc. was founded in the late 1960’s by Drs. Olive Britt and Milton Kingsbury. Woodside served as one of the first equine-only practices in Virginia. Dr. Britt was the first female equine practitioner in Virginia and the first woman appointed to the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine. Also, the legendary racehorse Secretariat was cared for by Woodside Equine Clinic.

Who We Are Now

Dr. Scott Anderson joined Woodside Equine Clinic as an associate and then purchased the practice from Dr. Kingsbury in 1989. We moved to a new facility in 1991. Since then, the practice and facility has continued to expand offering many new and diverse services to our clients. Our clinic boasts a 4,500 square-foot facility, equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment areas designed to provide comprehensive care under one roof. Our team includes 11 dedicated veterinarians, among them two board-certified surgeons, a theriogenologist, and three certified chiropractors, all committed to the well-being of your horse.

Why Choose Woodside?

Our clinic offers everything from routine wellness checks to complex surgeries. We're equipped with the latest in veterinary medicine, ensuring your horse gets the care it needs when it needs it. Choosing the right clinic for your horse's care is one of the most important decisions to make for their long-term health and well-being. These are some of the reasons why Woodside should be your top choice for comprehensive, attentive, and expert veterinary services:

Our Facility

  • Woodside Equine Clinic is a full service referral hospital comprised of 4,500-square feet featuring a 9-stall barn with 2 isolation stalls, 4 outpatient stalls, a reproductive center and 11 additional stalls and turn-out paddocks.
  • The facility has 3 exam rooms used for diagnostic or routine procedures, as well as emergency cases. These rooms have access to an endoscope for both endoscopies and gastroscopies, digital radiograph equipment, ultrasound, and shockwave, and nuclear scintigraphy.
  • Our surgery suite is set up for both elective and emergency surgeries.

Our Services

  • Woodside has its own pharmacy (and online pharmacy), giving its clients the pharmaceutical drugs needed to aid in the wellness of their horses when they need them.
  • We have our own in-house lab allowing us to get results back to owners in a timely manner.
  • Just outside the clinic we have 2 riding arenas featuring varied surfaces for lameness and neurologic evaluations.
  • With 6 ambulatory veterinarians on the road and emergency coverage 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, Woodside Equine Clinic can provide both routine and emergency care on the farm.
  • Our fleet of fully equipped ambulatory vehicles can provide services including radiography, dentistry, ultrasonography, and many other procedures. Minor surgeries can also be performed in the field, including castrations and laceration repair.

Our Highly Qualified Team

  • The clinic’s staff consists of several extremely qualified veterinarians who handle reproductive, medicine, ophthalmic, ambulatory, motorized and performance dentistry, sports medicine, surgeries, chiropractic, acupuncture, and lameness cases.
  • As a full-service referral hospital, our 2 surgeons are trained and equipped to handle advanced cases that go above and beyond the scope of services that can be provided on the farm. In addition to performing elective and emergency surgeries, our surgeons manage all of our critical patients in the hospital with the support of dedicated treatment staff. All surgical patients are closely monitored under anesthesia by our 4 trained licensed veterinary technicians.
  • The clinic also has interns whose time is split between ambulatory and in-house duty. This has proven to be invaluable as a tool for evaluating our current strengths and setting our sights on the future.
  • Woodside Equine Clinic, Inc. also draws on the knowledge of practice consultants to work with the clinic on doing the business of equine veterinary medicine better. This combination will help us to achieve future goals of continuing to improve ambulatory care while increasing our in-house abilities.

Our Core Values

At Woodside, our core values guide us in our daily interactions and the care we provide.

Getting Our Boots Dirty

  • We humbly dive into getting any job done
  • Everyone and every role matters
  • We collaborate for successful outcomes

Walking Alongside You

  • We are present for our clients, patients, and staff
  • We put ourselves in our client's shoes
  • We are a steadfast partner

Engaging the 4×4

  • We explore the latest in medical advancements
  • We are open to learn and grow
  • We adapt to the changing environment
A horse looking right

Connect with Our Dedicated Team

With a commitment to advanced medicine and a heart for the human-horse bond, we invite you to experience the Woodside difference. Contact us to learn more.