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Passionately Honoring the Human-Horse Bond

Comprehensive Wellness Plans

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Understanding the diverse needs of your equine companions, we've developed wellness plans that bundle essential preventive services at a discounted rate. These plans are thoughtfully designed to cover all bases of routine care.

The plans include a physical exam, core vaccines, yearly dental care and fecal egg count(s). Each plan has additional services specified to your horse’s needs.

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Wellness Plan Options

Basic Wellness Plan ($456), includes:

  • Annual wellness exam with essential vaccines.
  • Oral exam and dental with sedation, nutrition consultation.
  • One fecal test with parasite control recommendations.

Performance Wellness Plan ($754) includes all services in the Basic Wellness Plan and:

  • Biannual wellness exams with vaccines in Spring and Fall
  • Coggins test, comprehensive oral exam, and dentistry with sedation
  • Nutrition consultation and two fecal tests with parasite control

Optional Package Upgrades:

  • Complete blood count and blood chemistry panel
  • Testing for Cushing’s disease and sheath cleaning

SmartPak’s ColiCare Program

Woodside Equine’s Wellness Program fits the requirements of SmartPak’s ColiCare program. This program provides $10,000 towards colic surgery as long as your horse is on one of SmartPak’s eligible supplements and receiving yearly Veterinary Preventive Medication. Although we haven’t seen strong evidence that supports using a product such as SmartDigest Ultra will prevent colic, we see this as another good way to provide you with the resources if your horse should ever need colic surgery. For details from the company, click here: SmartPak’s ColiCare.

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